Celebrate Fall with Flavor

Discover your new favorite seasonal beverages around our apartments in DC on U Street.

The leaves are starting to drop in DC, as well as the temperature, but the neighborhood around Sonnet apartments in DC is full of seasonal beverages that will make your autumn days and nights something special. Take a pass on the pumpkin spice and peruse these creative fall-inspired flavors.

House Mocha | The Wydown

Experience a sophisticated, and caffeinated, take on the time-honored hot chocolate. The Wydown’s artisanal espresso, pillowy marshmallows, and sumptuous house-made chocolate sauce are a classic choice whenever the mercury starts to fall.


Cardamom Latte | The Coffee Bar

A spiced style of luscious, creamy coffee, the cardamom latte at The Coffee Bar proves that you still have a lot to experience in the realms of seasonal flavored beverages. Made in-house, the cardamom simple syrup adds a curious and cozy flavor to your latte.


Thin Mint Latte | Busboys and Poets

Girl Scout cookies are gone, but this grown-up beverage version, full of coffee chocolate, mint, and cream, captures the essence of your favorite cookie in a format that hits the spot. Head over to Busboys and Poets to enjoy this delightfully refreshing and warming treat day or night.


Calling It A Day | Service Bar

Specializing in cocktails of all sorts, including “hyper-seasonal” cocktails, which use the best ingredients of the season, Service Bar should definitely be a stop on your autumn drink tour. The potent combination of Laird’s Applejack, Lustau Fino sherry, sparkling wine and lemon juice, with the addition of roasted apple and pear syrup offers up the sweet-tart crispness of fall in a glass.


You St. | The Gibson

If you can find it, this speakeasy will serve you the right cocktail for any occasion. The You St. starts with Republic Restoratives Chapman’s Apple Brandy, Green Chartreuse, house-made fennel soda, lime, honey, and ends with a smile on your face. Not only for the fall, this original concoction has some of the fruit-forward and herbal flavors of fall due to the apple brandy and Chartreuse.


Light Lager | Sudhouse

A little unexpected when talking about “fall flavor”, but what could be more fitting than an ice-cold beer while watching a game of football on the weekend? To each their own, and that is why Sudhouse makes the list by offering the perfect place to enjoy a lager in its natural setting, a sports bar.


Each of these spots are so close to Sonnet, you may find yourself wanting to drink in fall flavor all the time. So feel free to try any or all of these seasonal drinks, or stay in and create your own custom coffee or cocktail. Come tour our apartments in DC today and see how Sonnet will inspire you to get more out of living in the city this fall.