Step off of U Street and into You Street.

Sonnet offers sleek and sophisticated apartments in Washington, DC on U Street.

There are many reasons to find yourself on U Street: shopping, dining, nightlife to name a few. But after the fun is over, then you have to trudge back to your apartment on the Metro, hop on a bike or wait for a ride share…or do you? Well, no, you don’t have to leave this tremendous part of DC. In fact, you’ll find amazing apartments that can serve as your sanctuary just steps away from all the attractions around the U Street Corridor at Sonnet.

The Heart of the Home

Your kitchen is important. It sets the tone for the entire apartment. A Sonnet kitchen exudes tasteful, modern style without losing the warmth a kitchen should have. With a neutral color palette of whites and grays, accented by wood grain and stainless steel, the kitchen is your canvas to style as you wish to make it feel like home. The materials used make our kitchens both beautiful and functional, with soft-close, custom cabinets, easily cleanable surfaces (like quartz countertops and glass tile backsplashes) and user-friendly appliances.


Or you could draw the blinds, but we suggest letting the light flood in through large windows and glass doors to greet every bright new day. The living space is a lovely backdrop to create the home you want, filled with the things that make it your private retreat. A comfy couch or handcrafted chairs, collected art, the perfect rug that brings the room together, all the pieces to make it yours.

The bedrooms hold the same simple design open to conform to your individual style, with attached bathrooms that are walk the line between a modern and classic look. The bedrooms do have a hidden perk. Inside the walk-in closet lies an elfa® shelving system, ready to efficiently organize your entire wardrobe.


No one likes to spend much time on laundry, so we’ll just say every apartment has a modern, efficient washer and dryer for whenever the mood strikes.

There’s so much more at Sonnet you’ll only discover by experiencing it personally. So why not stop by today? Schedule your tour of our DC apartments on U Street.

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