Get cozy on U Street

When winter hits, find the warmth of home at Sonnet apartments in DC on U Street

So far, the winter in DC hasn’t been too bad. That said, we’re sure to see some cold blustery days ahead. Wouldn’t it be nice to get warm and comfy in a place that has so many fantastic options to get things done and entertain yourself that you never actually have to brave the frigid elements. You get all this and more when you live in a beautiful Sonnet apartment.


Work From Home

If working remotely is an option, Sonnet has private spaces and nooks throughout the building that give you the ability to step outside of your apartment without having to go outside. Maybe an out-of-the-way spot in the Link Lounge will be your office for the day, or perhaps the cozy interior of the rooftop lounge.


Play Hookey

Is that a tickle in your throat? Cough, cough…won’t be able to make it into work today or work from home. Strange how right after calling in sick to work makes you feel better. Maybe some relaxation in the game room might keep your spirits up during your “illness”. Or if you’re up to it, you can try to sweat it out at the fitness center.


Eat in

Don’t fool yourself, it’s gross outside and you’re not going anywhere today, not even to eat. Luckily for you, being on U Street means almost any type of food you want can be delivered straight to your door in short order. Falafel, ramen, sushi, sandwiches, chili, soup…you name, it you got it. It’s good to live in a central location when you don’t want to leave home.

Take a moment and think about how convenient it would be to live at Sonnet this winter. If you’re not already a resident, give yourself the option to make Sonnet your new home. Schedule a tour of our DC apartments on U Street today!