The Year of the Pig is going to be big!

Celebrate Chinese New Year in a new U Street apartment in DC

To be a bit more specific, 2019 will be the year of the Earth Pig, which sounds like a cool new restaurant in DC. It isn’t, but it does bring with it the promise of a fruitful and fortunate year ahead, perhaps including a beautiful Sonnet apartment.

There are a bunch of ways you can mark this festive occasion in celebration. Here are a few:

Dress in red.

It’s an auspicious color for the occasion, and really, how many times do you get the chance to wear such a bold color in the winter? Take advantage.

Eat Dumplings, Drink Wine

This is pretty self-explanatory. We can, however, recommend a spot to meet this goal. Stay close with DC Noodles at 1412 U St. NW. Their selection of dumplings isn’t huge, but you can easily supplement with some delicious noodle dishes. For wine, you can’t miss with so many bars, restaurants and wine sellers near Sonnet.

Toast the Pig

It is the Year of the Pig, after all. Take a trip to Federalist Pig for some delicious BBQ or head a bit south to The Pig, near Logan Circle, for all things pork. Either would be a delicious way to honor the noble pig, though both would be even better.

DC Chinese New Year Parade
Get out into DC with dragons and lions! Venture down to Gallery Place on February 10 at 2 p.m. to join in the festivities of the annual Chinese New Year parade. There will be a host of cultural highlights and awesome things to see including floats, kung fu demonstrations, and so much more. Expect to see a lot of red (in a good way) and hear firecrackers throughout the day.

And there’s always spending some quality time at home, especially if you have a Sonnet apartment already. If you’re not a resident, give yourself the option to make Sonnet your new home. Schedule a tour of our DC apartments on U Street today and ring in the Lunar New Year here!

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