Life Is Better at the (Roof)top

Head on up to an impressive amenity space at our apartments in DC at 14th and U.

Just stepping inside of Sonnet can make you feel like you’ve found the pinnacle of DC living. But, with our rooftop, you can soar even higher.

It begins with the views. Up here, DC stretches beautifully into the distance, the sun striking historic buildings during the day and the city lights twinkling all around at night. It’s worth a trip up all by itself. But the views aren’t the only thing that will catch your eye.

Swim in the Sky

On a warm day, there’s nothing like a cool swim. And that pleasure is elevated with a pool on the roof. At Sonnet, you get to go up before you dive in. It’s an escape to an oasis with the push of an elevator button. And the amenities around the pool are just as enticing.

Relax in the Sun

Is there anything more relaxing than sitting by the water? Yes. Sitting by the water on the rooftop pool deck at Sonnet. Designed to promote a sense of peace while still leaving room to have a little fun, our pool deck is where you can catch some rays and then move to one of the in-water lounge chairs to cool off. It’s a resort experience, and it’s right upstairs from your home.

Dine Under the Stars

Right beside Sonnet’s rooftop pool, you’ll find our al fresco dining space. You can bring up some appetizers or fire up the grill and prepare a meal for you and your friends. You can even make use of the poolside bar, serving drinks to guests gathered in the dining space and splashing in the pool. To make the night all the more memorable, you can project a movie or a game on the TV wall by the pool.


Lounge in Comfort

The joy of the rooftop keeps going even when the weather isn’t perfect or you feel like staying indoors. In addition to the pool area, the Sonnet roof features a stylish lounge, complete with catering kitchen. Come up alone and relax in one of the chairs, or schedule an event and invite your friends. It’s a beautiful place to be on any day.

And Sonnet is a wonderful place to live. Allow yourself to enjoy our rooftop—and everything else we have to offer—by making your home at our apartments in DC at 14th and U. Take a tour of Sonnet today.

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