Celebrate International Day of Friendship

Are your friendships important to you? Of course they are. Celebrate them this July 30th for International Day of Friendship. This worldwide observance was originally proposed by The World Friendship Crusade in 1958 and was later declared as the International Day of Friendship by the General Assembly of United Nations in 2011.

Why is this day observed? Its purpose is to recognize the friendship between individuals, countries, and cultures to inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities. International Day of Friendship is focused on promoting conversations between different communities and civilizations. It’s all about planning community activities that include different cultures and to promote international understanding and respect for diversity.

With DC being known for its diversity and history, there are many ways to honor all kinds of friendship this July 30th, both on and off-site Sonnet’s community.


Our city’s plethora of free museums are just waiting for you and your friends to explore. Call up your favorite pal (or pals) and dive into one or many of DC’s museums. Not only will you be celebrating your friendships with an educational day out with friends, but you can celebrate other cultures, countries and people through exploring these historic sites.

The National Gallery of Art, consisting of two major buildings – one classical, the other modern, houses a permanent collection of ancient and  contemporary art, including the likes of da Vinci, Degas, and Calder. You can spend all day expanding your art history knowledge here.

The National Museum of the American Indian showcases the diversity of indigenous peoples of North and South America. This is an opportunity to learn about our country’s native people and their culture, language, history and tradition.

The National Museum of American History welcomes over 4 million people each year. Boasting more than three million objects that tell the American story, this iconic history museums offers a lot of important perspectives to reflect on this International Day of Friendship (and any day).

Hang at Sonnet

Keep this International Day of Friendship low-key and take advantage of the many amenities Sonnet has to offer for you and a small group of friends.

Rooftop Chillin’

If we’re keeping it real, our rooftop is one of the best places in the city to gather with your best buds. What better way to celebrate friendship than an escape to our city oasis rooftop? Swim, soak up the summer vibes, and sip on your favorite beverages while taking in beautiful views of the city from every angle. Not only does our rooftop offer a sparkling pool, but you and your friends can light up the grill, and serve up fresh cocktails in our poolside bar.

Throw a Dinner Party

If you want to escape the sun altogether, our rooftop features a modern indoor lounge, complete with a catering kitchen. Show off your culinary skills to your best pals and whip up a delicious meal for them as a symbol of your friendship.


Wait until the 14th of next month to hang with your fellow Sonnet residents. Every month, we provide our residents with fun opportunities to get together, eat, and bond as a community. We offer something different every month. In the past, we’ve held a happy hour at Provision DC and Chicken + Whiskey, just around the block from Sonnet. Sometimes free food is offered on-site, like at our June YouAnd14 event.

No matter if you choose to keep it casual and spend a day with friends at Sonnet, or enrich your knowledge of history and culture through DC’s museums, we present you with every opportunity to celebrate International Day of Friendship.

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